Higgo renowned for joie de vivre

JAMES Higgo, who died in a plane crash last week, was a well-respected figure within the investment industry renowned for his vivacious character and joie de vivre. Born in Cape Town in 1968, he was the son of the late John Higgo, a maths tutor, and Jennifer Higgo, a radiochemist. In 1980, his family uprooted and moved to Hertfordshire, England, where Mr Higgo attended Heathmount Preparatory School and later Haileybury College.

As a young man, Mr Higgo developed a love for extreme sports. He gained his gliding licence and various certificates in navigation while still a teenager.

In 1987, having completed his secondary school education, he moved to Edinburgh where he later qualified with a MSc in politics and economics. He left Edinburgh to pursue a career in marketing, working firstly for BankStat, a division of Institutional Investor. At Lombard, he gained the reputation of being an excellent boss who made every effort to ensure his team members were happy.

                                                                                                     James Higgo 1968-2001

Last year he joined Odey Asset Management where he quickly made his mark. His vitality "making everything possibly while he was around".                                  

Outside of work, he continued to lead an active life, learning to fly light aircraft and keeping up his other sporting interests such as sky diving and scuba diving.

He was a critical thinker who philosophised about life and had recently started writing a book to expound his ideas. His work can be seen on his own website                                    Investment Advisor 30th July 2001