Cooking in Orchard CottageTalk by CARIANNE  WILKINSON

James was my brothers', Andrew & Robert, and my first friend when we were babies and he remained close and dear to us his whole life.

James as a boy was as vivacious, intelligent and caring as he was as an adult. James in red jumper is reaching out to meAndrew remembers eating ants with James at play school – demonstrating James incessant appetite to try everything at least once in life.

The scientific James aged about four was given dry ice to play with.  He proceeded to bury it in wet sand, put it in a wheel-barrow and push it around the garden with Andrew - pretending it was a steam train.Three months in plasteras tendons healed

Nothing got James down as a child, Rob remembers carrying James home from the river after he had severed the tendons in his ankle and him calmly and rationally telling Jenny that the "sharp water" has cut him.

I remember being most impressed when my brother said I could not come into James bomb shelter because I was a girl but James allowed me to, a precedent he set to taking me places I should not have been at later in life.

James took it upon himself to teach us the facts of life, producing a book on how babies are bornRobert, carianne and Andrew - listening intently. Rob and I were a little young and we decided to scratch out the pictures. Our embarrassed mother supplied the Higgo’s with a new book.

Cape Town was always a special place for James and he visited us often. We loved every minute we spent with him and wish his master plan had been fulfilled – may be in a parallel universe.

Cape Town summers will never be the same again. We miss him and love him very much.








Our last holiday together at 

"Chateau Higgo" was magical


                                    July 2001

I shall treasure the memories forever

Smoking in the chimney at Chateau Valeuil (Higgo)