Who would true valour see, 

let him come hither; 

one here will constant be, 

come wind, come weather; 

there's no discouragement 

shall make him once relent 

his first avowed intent 

to be a pilgrim.


Whoso beset him round 

with dismal stories, 

do but themselves confound; 

his strength the more is. 

No lion can him fright; 

he'll with a giant fight, 

but he will have the right 

to be a pilgrim




No goblin nor foul fiend 

can daunt his spirit; 

he knows he at the end 

shall life inherit. 

Then, fancies, fly away; 

he'll not fear what men say; 

he'll labour night and day 

to be a pilgrim


Verses from the Wisdom of Solomon

Never serious for long

read by

David Higgo

Proud brother
But the good man, even if he dies an untimely death, will be at rest.
For it is not length of life and number of years which bring the honour
due to age; if men have understanding, they have grey hairs enough,                                                 
and an unspotted life is the true ripeness of age. 

He was snatched away before his mind could be perverted by wickedness
or his soul deceived by falsehood, and in a short time he came to the
perfection of a full span of years.

In wisdom there is a spirit intelligent and holy,
unique in its kind yet made up of many parts,
subtle, free moving, lucid, spotless, clear, invulnerable, 
loving what is good, eager, unhindered, beneficent, 
kindly towards others, steadfast, unerring, untouched by care, 
all surveying, and permeating all that is intelligent and pure.

If riches are a prize to be desired in life, what is richer than wisdom; 
what is of more value than this?

Proud brother

James and David in Higgo Road, Higgo Vale, Cape Town

James and John teaching David to walk

Proud brother. At David's christening


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